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» Transport Policy

1. Checking before boarding

a. Customers should show the reservation code before boarding. This reservation code will be sent to customers via  SMS on a mobile phone or by registered email..
b. In case that customers lose their reservation code, they can still go with the ride if they have personal ID documents matching with information that have been provided when booking (E.g ID card number, passport number)
c.  The reservation code is only valid for a seat with the date and time in accordance with the code.

2. Waiting time of Airport Taxi 

a. In case you book private taxi (rental a whole taxi for yourself ), your taxi driver will wait for you up to 15 minutes. Out of this time, we have the right to refuse to serve without compensation or charge additional fee for waiting ( 3 USD/ hour)
b. In case you book sharing taxi, you must be on time at your address. Standby time  is up to 15 minutes only in the case the passenger(s)  who share ride agree to wait for you.  Otherwhile, we have the right to refuse to serve without compensation
c. In case you book the minibus, you must be at the Pickup address by the scheduled departure time ( 5 Quang Trung Street, Hoan Kiem District or Noi bai International Airport). If you cannot present at departure time, your ticket will expire and you'll need to buy a new ticket if you want to continue the journey.

3. Waiting time of customer 

a. In case you book private taxi, the taxi will be on time to pick you up at the right places that you request.
b. In case you book the sharing taxi,  for the route from city center to the airport, the taxi will pick you at the place that you request in the range of +/- 15 minutes compare with departime time you choose when booking, the driver will notice you exactly pickup time 45 minutes before he come.  For the route from the airport to the city center, the waiting time will be maximum 15 minutes late from the time you choose when booking. You can come to pick-up area of Taxi Airport, Wing B, Floor 1, Noi bai Airport to wait to be served.
c. In case you book a seat in the minibus, the maximum waiting time is 60 minutes compared to the time you choose when booking.

4. Cancellation/ Amendment Terms: Customers have the right to cancel order or change the depart time without any cost. Small fee can be applied if customer change pick up address. Please choose one of following guidance to cancel or change.

a. Make a phone call to Call center 0438866666 or Hotline 0935133166
b. Compose DES XXXX and send to 6077. XXXX is 4 digits or letters in the code we send to your mobile when you booked your reservation

5. Accompany goods

a. Customers are not allowed to carry prohibited goods specified in the list of prohibited goods in accordance with rules by Socialist Republic of Vietnam
b. Customers are allowed to bring pets, smelling goods to avoid affecting other passengers
c. Customer must follow regulations of carrying goods by Corporation Vietnam Airlines..

6. Others

a. Customers are not allowed to smoke or eat on the car
b.  Please do not make loud noise that affect other passengers in the car if you choose taxi sharing or minibus service.
c. In case of emergency conditions (e.g. earthquakes, flood etc.), Airport Taxi reserves the right to cancel or change schedules and departure times without incurring any liability.


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