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1. Different between private booking and sharing booking option?

  • Private booking mean you book the vehicles (taxi or minibus) for yourself only. You occupy the vehicles, and do not share with other passenger. Airport taxi will serve upon your request.

  • Sharing booking mean you willing to go with other passenger(s). When you choose this option, Airport Taxi will find other passenger(s) who has the same route at the same time to go with you. By utilizing the empty seat, Airport Taxi can offer you very cheap price compare to normal booking ( around 30-40% depend on route) 

  • Sharing price is applied for each seat. When you choose this option, you will pay the fix price which is not depend on how many passenger(s) will go with you. The price do not change even incase Airport Taxi cannot arrange any passenger to go with you.


2. Differences between Two-way travelling hay Round-trip travelling?

  •     Two-way traveling: first half and return half are on the same taxi ( get discount for the return trip)

  •     Round-trip traveling: first half and return half are on different taxies


3. How to reserve a car/seat?

  • You can use online Booking to make a reservation. Please follow the easy steps: Choose the route -> Choose the vehicle -> Types of travelling (one-way/ two-way/ round-trip) -> Pick-up place -> Methods of travelling ( share/private option) -> Number of  vehicles ( or seats) -> Personal information -> Payment Option. Visit our Booking Instruction for more detail.
  • You can use SMS Booking.  Please follow this Booking Instruction
  •      You can use Phone Booking by call to Hotline 0935133166 or Call center 04.3886.6666


4. How long does it take me to start my journey?

  • If you book a private taxi, taxi will pick you up on time and at the right place you book.
  • If you book a sharing taxi,  for the route from city center to the airport, the taxi will pick you at the place that you request in the range of +/- 15 minutes compare with departime time you choose when booking, the driver will notice you exactly pickup time 45 minutes before he come.  For the route from the airport to the city center, the waiting time will be maximum 15 minutes late from the time you choose when booking. You can come to pick-up area of Taxi Airport, Wing B, Floor 1, Noi bai Airport to wait to be served.
  •  If you book a seat in a minibus, waiting time at Pick-up Address (5 Quang Trung Street, Hoan Kiem District or Noi bai International Airport) will be 60 minutes max compared with the departure time you book earlier.


5. Why don’t I get a paper ticket ?

  •  As buying ticket online is applied, you will receive E-code tickets via SMS to the cell phone number and email attaching detail information about journey and schedule ( if notice via email is chosen)
  •      E-code ticket helps accomplish the journey you have reserved.

  • E-code ticker can be displayed to the staff ( or driver) at the station ( or pick-up place) instead of normal paper ticket
  •      E-code tickets include a series of digits and letters created by our system, so they are unique and cannot be overlapped.

6. How can I know my ticket has been successfully booked?

  •     After finishing the payment option, you will receive one SMS including an E-code  via cell phone number registered and one email including detail information about your online ticket reservation ( if email notice is chosen). It is evident that ticket has been successfully booked

  • Besides, you can contact us through Hotline 0935133166 or Call center 04.3886.6666  to check the reservation status..


7.  Can I cancel the booked cars/seats and get the refund?

  • After successfully booked, the ticket has been confirmed, however, it still can be cancelled without any fee.
  • The refund ( after deducted) will be transferred to the your account within 1 days since we receive the ticket cancellation


8. How can I cancel the booked tickets/seats and get the refund?

  • If the you want to cancel the reservation,  please use the same phone number as the one to book and compose the follwing message:  DES XXXX and send to 6077. XXXX is 4 digits or letters in the code we send to your mobile when you booked your reservation. After receiving this message, we will immediately conduct the cancellation in the system. We will inform you of the successful cancellation and other terms to your mobile
  • Besides, you can contact us through the telephone 04.3886.666604 or Hotline 0935133166 get the support about booking cancellation


9. How to check the ticket detailed information (journey and schedule)?