Checking and Boarding
» Checking and Boarding

1. Time to boarding:

  • You have to be at  agreed pick up point (for Taxi service) or our pick up points (for minibus services) before departure time of that journey. You are responsible for compliance with Transportation Policies which are notified to you when you booked services


2. Tickets requirements and valid identification documents

  • All passengers must present the e-ticket code ( send via SMS or Email), and valid identification documents for our driver if required before departure time.
  • Valid identification documents can be Identify Card, passport, driving license, student card, ID card papers with your imagie are provided by agencies.
  • The driver or the vehicle service staff will collate the information that you have registered in book tickets at our website for documents that you give them. In the case of mismatched information, we reserve the right to refuse carriage. In this case your ticket is not valid for change or refund.
  • In case you book tickets for many people, people who have information or payment when booking on the website will be the team leader behalf of the group and can provide valid identification documents to the driver.
  • Incase you book ticket for others, information about the passenger ( person who directly using the services) you provided at booking wil be applied. If the passenger can not show this information or the  information mismatch, we have right to refuse carriage. In this case your ticket is not valid for change or refund.


3. Right to refuse service

  • If you do not have valid identification documents or fail to provide documents to identify your selves to the driver
  • If you assault the driver
  • If you are under the influence of alcohol or your health conditions are ineligible for traveling or threaten the health of the other passengers
  • If you carry goods or luggages that do not follow our Transporation Policy


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