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I. SMS BOOKING INSTRUCTION  ( convenient incase you do not have internet connection. Cost to send message is 2000đ)


Step 1: Check the trip cost



                                 ( Note: _ is the space)


Sample  :                  ASK THAIHA HNNB 1WAY 4SEAT PRIVATE 1  sent to 8277






Street name:          Consecutive characters with no spaces   ( with route from noi bai or hanoi to province, please use ward/village name )



Route opton:          HNNB (Hanoi- Noibai) ;    NBHN (Noibai-Hanoi)



                                  HNT(Hanoi – Province) ;    NBT( Noibai – Province)  



Trip option:             1WAY  ( oneway), 2WAY ( roundtrip)



Car option :             4SEAT (sedan ), 7SEAT ( suv)



Service option:        PRIVATE ( occupy the whole taxi) , SHARE ( willing to share with others passangers), 



Quantity :                  Number of taxi or seat ( Maximum quantity for sharing service is 2 seats)



Step 2:              Provide the pick up time and your name if you happy with the cost


Compose                 OKI_REVERSATION CODE_HOUR_DATE_YOUR NAME send to  8277        ( Note: _ is the space)

Sample  :                 OKI 3350 10h30m day30month4 Peter




Reservation code  : This code is generated automatically by our system and will be sent to you after you finish step 1 


Pickup time               Please provide exactly time (contain hour and date) you want Airport taxi to pick up


                                    Please follow recommendation from Airport Taxi : pick up  time should be prior flight depart time 2 hours with domestic flight and 3 hours                                           with international flight.


Your name :               Please provide your name for easier communication. We will contact you to serve upon request




II. ONLINE BOOKING INSTRUCTION  ( convenient for PC, tablet or smartphone have internet connection. Totally free)


Video Instruction: This video will guide you how to book the taxi/minibus step by stepfrom the first step when you start looking for vehicleitinerary andscheduleuntil you pay through any payment method you like. Just check out the online booking guide right now to book easier.



 Step by step instruction

  Step1. Click 'Trip' and select one from the list.


  Step2. Click 'car type' and select a viehicle. You can check the type of cars under the map.

   Step3. Select pickup/Dropoff and district from the list.

   Step4. Select street name from the list. If it necessary, You can give the detail address later.

   Step5. Input the booking date and click 'Booking'.

   Step6. On this page, you can put the detail information of the booking. You also can confirm the fee. As a part of customer information,

                you can put the detail address. Then, please click 'contine to payment' under the page.

   Step7. Please confirm the contents and click OK to accept it. 




   Step8. Please chose the way of your payment from the tab. 



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