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Dichung.vn is a social enterprise with the mission to use technology to solve urban transport and environmental problems.

The ride-sharing community is run online and by mobile phone network. This solution helps people fill the vacant seats in vehicles, reducing the cost of travelling, traffic jams and air pollution with fewer vehicles on the road.

We offer 2 types of services to customers: 1) online booking for ride-sharing of personal vehicles 2) online booking on transportation agency vehicles. We connect customers with transportation agencies to enable convenient, time- and cost -saving transactions for both parties.


Our services

1. Individual/Personal ridesharing

We offer the following free and convenient set of technological solutions for ride-sharing:

   Website Dichung.vn

    Forum Dichung.com.vn

    Ridesharing Application on  Facebook and smart Phone( iOS và Android…)


Other value-added services:

    Call center

    SMS System to booking and rating services

    Online and offline verification services


Benefits to users

    Cost saving:

Ride-sharing reduces the cost of travelling, especially for users with high travel frequency (to school, work, airport, other cities etc.)

   Cơ hội kết bạn:

Users can chose appropriate travel companions/ride-sharers from a variety of choices, and enjoy the travel time with a these new friends. This also helps reduce users’ stress while driving on their own, and provides more time to relax, chat, and so on with the ride-sharing partner.

   Bảo vệ môi trường:

Besides the financial benefits, Dichung.vn offers certain intangible and indirect benefits to the users. By helping reduce number of vehicles on the street, the participants and Dichung reduce pollution to protect the environment and have fresher air.


2. Institutional service


We can help any institution to set up a private ridesharing network for its members, to provide a modern and economical travel option for them


    Build customized ridesharing versions of the platform for institutions. (Free of charge for non-profit organizations).

    Modify this version based on each institution’s structure.

    Efficient management system to control the number of successful trips, amount of cost savings and amount of reduced CO2 emission. This will help track the efficiency of the network and allow for active members of the network to be recognized. .

 Advantages of private ridesharing network:

    Create a new choice for employees to travel to work apart from conventional private and public transport. This new ridesharing option is not only as fast and convenient as private vehicles but also as cost saving as public transport

  Reduce travel cost, stress due to traffic jams, and pollution. In addition, ridesharing fosters encourages relationships among member of the organization. Consequently, the satisfaction with the organization can also increase, leading to higher efficiency of working/studying.

    Save parking slot .

   Contribute to the decrease of traffic jams and urban environmental pollution. Members will be proud of their socially responsible organization.

3. Develop online booking channels for transportation companies

Two online seat selling systems we operate for carriers are Dichung.vnDatchoonline.com.

In addition, we also build seat sale websites specifically designed for travel agencies when needed. Once a transportation company becomes a partner of  Dichung.vn, it will receive maximum support in operating the seat sales function through our system with priority to exploit seat booking information and customized seat sale websites  to gain the most attention from potential customers with almost no cost.


    Develop online sales system with a number of modern technology features: online payment, e-ticketing, mobile applications etc. with the flexible payment options

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